What are the bad habits? 6 Habits That square measure unhealthy for Your Health

Bad habits

What are the bad habits? 6 habits that are detrimental to health: taking a bath without soap, washing your hands with soap after going to the toilet, not changing your underwear every day, picking up and eating food after falling, exercising with bare feet, and forgetting to brush your teeth before going to bed are all harmful to your health.  the right way to do it.


6 bad health habits:

1. Take a bath without soap

According to the survey, nearly 1/3 of women do not use body wash every day when they take a bath, but just rinse them with water.


It is pointed out that it is best to decide whether to take a bath or not, depending on your sweating situation.  The odor-causing bacteria feed off sweat, especially from the armpits and groin.  When there is a lot of sweat, it is not clean to wash with water alone, which will lead to the retention of bacteria. The longer the retention time, the more "smelly" people will be.

2. Wash hands without soap after using the toilet

In the survey, only 38% of people wash their hands with soap after using the toilet, and 2% of people wash their hands for more than 10 seconds.  Experts say when you're done bathroom.

When wiping, the hand is very close to the source of Escherichia coli, which may cause bacterial infection. If soap is not used, the bacteria cannot be completely removed.

3. Underwear doesn't change every day

In the survey, 52% of women admitted that their underwear was not changed every day.  Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba pointed out that wearing underwear for a day will leave about 0.1 gram of excrement on it, which is equivalent to about 100 million E. coli.  These bacteria can stick to your hands, and if you don't wash your hands, rub your eyes or even eat, you can get sick from it.

4. When the food falls, pick it up and eat it

More than 40 percent of women said they had eaten food that was picked up as soon as it fell on the floor.  There used to be a saying called the "5-second rule", which means that food that falls on the ground is safe as long as it is picked up and eaten within 5 seconds.  The researchers pointed out that such a statement can be extremely misleading.  Experiments have shown that food will be contaminated with bacteria in just two or three seconds after it falls to the ground.  Therefore, all food that falls on the ground should be thrown in immediately Rubbish bucket.

5. Barefoot fitness

The survey found that 32% of people exercise barefoot, especially when doing aerobics or belly dancing.  Experts suggest that it is best to wear a pair of lightweight shoes at this time.  Because the feet will sweat a lot when exercising, and the humid environment is most conducive to the growth of bacteria. These bacteria will be left on the floor through other people's feet. When your feet step on them, you may be infected with athlete's foot (commonly known as "Hong Kong's foot") or plantar Warts (a type of plantar wart).

6. Forgetting to brush your teeth before bed

43% admit that they occasionally forget to brush their teeth before going to bed.  Experts remind that during sleep, the secretion of saliva will be greatly reduced, and these saliva is the main force to kill bacteria.  Therefore, an occasional failure to brush your teeth may lead to the entry of oral bacteria, and the result is a great increase in the risk of dental caries and periodontal disease.  In addition, many studies have confirmed that the bacteria that cause periodontal disease can also cause problems in your heart.

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